Friday, March 30, 2012

Optical illusion maze - The Number 2 Maze

The number 2 maze
Optical illusion maze of the number two in a way that uses a pattern of squares and an inverting black and white pattern to created. The drawing is made for the number mazes and is meant for all ages. The number 2, as in 2 of a kind, 2gether, and many other plays on the aspect that 2 represents love, union, and eternity. The number two also has vernacular connetctions and connotations to the concept of difference, as is needed to differentiate to realise there is more than one.

The maze optical illusion of the number two can be solved by locating the entrances and exits and then the path that connects the two in white, without crossing over any black portions of the graphic.

Can't solve it, the next maze coming soon and the solution to this one.

The solution for the number one maze, is below:

Number 1 Maze Solution: